New Year’s Resolution

We are only a week into the New Year and many people have already forgotten those New Year’s Resolutions. On December 31st we look at the promise  a New Year holds.  It is a blank book waiting for us to write a new chapter and so, with good intentions and often little planning we make our resolutions.

For many January 2nd arrives and they are back in the business of home, family and work and the resolutions are forgotten.  The people who have the most success keeping resolutions:

  1. Limit themselves to 2-4 resolutions
  2. Write the resolution down
  3. Tell other people about it
  4. Use small steps
  5.  Make the resolutions specific-

“I’ll exercise 3 times a week “is better than “I’ll exercise more.”

And, they don’t give up.  If you haven’t stuck with your resolution make today a new beginning and start again!

If your resolution involved improving your communication you’ve come to the right place.  We can help you with that.  Start with our free screening.  See that’s small step.  Then one lesson at a time you will improve your pronunciation of American English.  And soon that bigger goal of a new job or promotion  maybe achievable.

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