Words for Wednesday- November 18

As you practice this week’s words pay attention to the words in the sentences that you have already learned and think about their pronunciation.

  • NEED— To improve you NEED to practice.
  • FAR— The store is FAR from my house.
  • HAND—  Which HAND do you write with?
  • HIGH— How HIGH is the mountain?
  • YEAR— Wanda went to college this YEAR.
  • MOTHER— Did you MOTHER make the pie?
  • LIGHT— Turn on the LIGHT.
  • COUNTRY— What COUNTRY are you from?
  • FATHER— His FATHER took him to the park.
  • LET— Don’t LET the cat out.
  • NIGHT— Mark went to the movie last NIGHT.
  • PICTURE— His PICTURE looks just like him.
  • BEING— She was BEING nice to the new student.
  • STUDY— STUDY these words.
  • SECOND— The wall needs a SECOND coat of paint.
  • SOON— The plane will be here SOON.
  • STORY— Did you read the STORY in the book?
  • SINCE— David hadn’t seen him SINCE they were kids.
  • WHITE— The milk is WHITE.
  • EVER— Don’t EVER do that again!

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