Words for Wednesday- November 11

Twenty more words this week for you to practice.  Continue to practice the earlier words.

  • FEET— People have two FEET.
  • LAND— The house is on a lot of LAND.
  • SIDE— The car is parked on the SIDE of the building.
  • WITHOUT— You can’t make an omelet WITHOUT eggs.
  • BOY— That BOY is riding his bicycle.
  • ONCE— ONCE you finish work, we can eat dinner.
  • ANIMAL— There are many ANIMALS at the zoo.
  • LIFE— Problems can be a part of LIFE.
  • ENOUGH— Do you have ENOUGH money to pay for lunch?
  • TOOK— Deborah TOOK the test on Monday.
  • FOR— This present is FOR you.
  • HEAD— Put a hat on your HEAD.
  • ABOVE— They live ABOVE the store.
  • KIND— Jean’s sister is very KIND.
  • BEGAN— Sam BEGAN his tennis lessons yesterday.
  • ALMOST— The team ALMOST won the game.
  • LIVE— The show will be LIVE.  Where do you LIVE?
  • PAGE— Turn the PAGE in the book.
  • GOT— He GOT a toy at the store.
  • EARTH— We live on the EARTH.

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