Words for Wednesday-November 4

With today’s list we complete the first 200 words!

  • FEW— May I have a FEW apples?
  • THOSE— John read THOSE books.
  • ALWAYS— I ALWAYS drink coffee in the morning.
  • SHOW— Mary will SHOW you where the class is.
  • LARGE— She ordered a LARGE drink.
  • OFTEN— How OFTEN do you exercise?
  • TOGETHER— When people work TOGETHER they can do great things.
  • ASKED— Sue ASKED for a sandwich.
  • HOUSE— Bob lives in that HOUSE.
  • DON’T— DON’T forget your coat.
  • WORLD— The WORLD is a big place.
  • GOING— I am GOING home after work.
  • WANT— Do you WANT sugar for your tea?
  • SCHOOL— The children go to SCHOOL today.
  • IMPORTANT—It is IMPORTANT to eat vegetables.
  • UNTIL— Charlie can’t wait UNTIL his vacation.
  • FORM— Please fill out that FORM.
  • FOOD—  You can buy FOOD at the grocery store.
  • KEEP— KEEP the milk in the refrigerator.
  • CHILDREN— How many CHILDREN do you have?

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