Words for Wednesday- October 28

Practice words 161-180 and try to use them this week.

  • LINE—  The LINE at the grocery store was very long.
  • SET—  The sun will SET at 8 o’clock tonight.
  • OWN—  Do you OWN a car?
  • UNDER—  Look for the cat UNDER the bed.
  • READ—  I like to READ the newspaper in the evening.
  • LAST—  Charlie ate the LAST piece of pie.
  • NEVER—  Carol has NEVER seen the ocean.
  • US—  Would you like to go with US to the store?
  • LEFT—  Andrew LEFT before he finished his homework.
  • END—  Thomas lives at the END of the street.
  • ALONG—  They walked ALONG the side of the road.
  • WHILE—  I’ll vacuum WHILE you make dinner.
  • MIGHT—  If she’s not busy, Tracey MIGHT come over.
  • NEXT—  Larry was NEXT in line at the bank.
  • SOUND—  Did you hear that loud SOUND?
  • BELOW—  Tonight the temperature will be BELOW zero.
  • SAW—  Lila SAW the movie three times.
  • SOMETHING—  Would you like SOMETHING to drink?
  • THOUGHT—  Before they moved, they THOUGHT about it for a long time.
  • BOTH—  After running the race, BOTH my feet hurt.

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