Words for Wednesday- October 21

This week we have words 141-160 of the 1200 most frequently used words in American English.  Listen for these words when you talk with people.

  • AGAIN—  Bob was late for work AGAIN!
  • OFF—  Turn the light OFF when you leave the room.
  • WENT—  We WENT to the grocery store every Saturday.
  • OLD—  How OLD will you be on your birthday?
  • NUMBER—  Do you have a cell phone NUMBER?
  • GREAT—  Sara felt GREAT because she got a raise.
  • TELL—  Can you TELL me where the school is?
  • MEN—  The MEN were late for the meeting.
  • SAY—  What did you SAY?
  • SMALL—  That shirt is too SMALL.
  • EVERY—  Kyle went to the gym EVERY day.
  • FOUND—  He FOUND the keys in his pocket.
  • STILL—  The kids couldn’t sit STILL.
  • BETWEEN—  She parked the car BETWEEN two trucks.
  • NAME—  Write your NAME on the paper.
  • SHOULD—  Leslie SHOULD be home from work at 5.
  • HOME—  His HOME was in the country.
  • BIG—  That pizza was too BIG to finish.
  • GIVE—  If you cut the grass I will GIVE you twenty dollars.
  • AIR—  The AIR feels cold outside.

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