Words for Wednesday-October 14

Here are words 121-140 of the 1200 most frequently used words in American English.  You probably hear these words every day.

  • ANOTHER—  Please bring me ANOTHER drink?
  • CAME— The lost dog finally CAME home.
  • COME—  Please COME to my house for dinner.
  • WORK—  Micheal was late for WORK.
  • THREE—  Hannah had THREE apples.
  • MUST—  You MUST have a driver’s license to drive a car.
  • BECAUSE—  Joshua didn’t take his dog for a walk BECAUSE it was raining.
  • DOES—  DOES that restaurant serve breakfast?
  • HEART—  Our HEART pumps our blood.
  • EVEN—  Marissa liked to go outside EVEN if it was cold.
  • PLACE—  The concert will take PLACE outside.
  • WELL—  How WELL do you know your neighbor?
  • SUCH—  It’s been SUCH a long time since I ate ice cream.
  • HERE—  You can put your coat HERE in this closet.
  • TAKE—  Susan can TAKE you home after the party.
  • WHY—  WHY do the leaves change color?
  • HELP—  I will need HELP carrying these groceries.
  • PUT—  Derrick PUT his books on the table.
  • DIFFERENT—  Those cookies taste DIFFERENT after being in the freezer.
  • AWAY—  Betty moved AWAY because she got a new job.

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