Words for Wednesday: October 7

Today we start the next 200 words of the 1200 most frequently used words in American English. Today’s words are in sentences, but remember words can have more than one meaning.

  • GET—  Did you GET my email?
  • THROUGH— Are you THROUGH with your dinner?
  • BACK—  The pants were too big, so I took them BACK to the store.
  • MUCH—  He felt sick because had too MUCH to eat.
  • GO—  Let’s GO to a movie tonight.
  • GOOD— I liked the movie.  It was very GOOD.
  • NEW—  My coat was ripped, so I got a NEW one.
  • WRITE—  Please WRITE your name on the board.
  • OUR—  My husband gave them OUR address.
  • ME—  Don’t tell ME what to do!
  • MAN—  That MAN is waiting for the bus.
  • TOO—  We had TOO much snow last winter.
  • ANY—  Do you want ANY cookies for dessert?
  • DAY—  What DAY is the meeting?
  • SAME—  They are wearing the SAME shirt.
  • RIGHT—  Sue picked the pencil up with her RIGHT hand.
  • LOOK—  If you LOOK at the sun you might hurt your eyes.
  • THINK—  Jared had to THINK before he answered the question.
  • ALSO—  When we went to dinner, we ALSO went to the movies.
  • AROUND—  Helen was lost, so she turned  the car AROUND.

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