Words for Wednesday July 22

Instead of 20 words, today there are 30.

Master these, and you’ve learned the first 100 words of the 1200 Most Frequently Used Words in the English Language.

Most of these are small words, but they are important.

As you practice, think about pronouncing all the sounds (not letters) in the word.  ESL speakers often leave off the final sound in words.

When you leave off the last sound:

FIND sounds like FINE

MAKE sounds like MAY

So here are today’s words.  Listen and pronounce all the sounds!


  • no
  • make
  • than
  • first
  • been
  • its
  • who
  • now
  • people
  • my
  • made
  • over
  • did
  • down
  • only
  • way
  • find
  • use
  • may
  • water
  • long
  • little
  • very
  • after
  • words
  • called
  • just
  • where
  • most
  • know

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