See ya!

A client shared that he was confused by Americans saying “see ya”  when leaving.  Part of his confusion was because silla (Spanish for chair) sounds the same.  Why were people waving good by and saying chair?

Of course they weren’t saying chair, they were saying a shortened version of I’ll see you later.

See ya is an example of casual speech.  We use it in informal settings.  In those situations we are less careful with our grammar and pronunciation. We shorten sentences, simplify the grammar and may not pronounce every consonant.

I will see you later → see ya

  • Do you want to go?  Wanna go?
  • I don’t know. → I dunno.
  • Give me a call. → Gimme a call.
  • I’m going to go. → I’m gonna go.

Here are some other examples of casual speech:

  • Because → ‘cuz
  • let me  →  lemme
  • do you want to  → wanna
  • have got to  →  gotta
  • should’ve (should have) →  shoulda
  • could’ve (could have)  →  coulda
  • would’ve (would have)  →  woulda
  • must’ve (must have)  → musta
  • a lot of  →  a lotta
  • kind of  →  kinda
  • yes  →  yeah, yup
  • no   →  nope
  • -ing  → in’

 Here are some audio examples:

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