Can learning English help your “bottom line”?

Bottom line is another of those colorful phrases (idioms).  It means your earnings, how much money you make at your job.  Will improving your ability to be understood help you in your career?

The answer is YES!

Being easily understood can lead to advancement in your job, which in turn will mean more income.  Companies in the United States are recognizing that helping their employees learn English not only helps the employee, but also benefits the company.  In 2007 McDonald’s began a program called “English Under the Arches” to help employees, with management potential, master English.  Read more about McDonald’s and some other companies  providing English training for their employees in this article.

If you are interested in training to modify your accent to be easily understood, but concerned about the cost, your employer may be able to offer some assistance.  Share the article above, as well as the article sited in the post from September 19, Why change your accent.  Show them that helping you will help their “bottom line” too!

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