Accents add spice to our communities.  They let us know we are part of a big world and they come in many flavors.  

In the United States regional accents, uniquely identifying speakers from different parts of the country.  When someone says Y’all” we ask, “are you from the South?”.  When we hear a  foreign accent, we know the speaker speaks English as a second language.  

Listening to an accent can be intriguing.  We wonder: Where is this person from?  How long have they been in the United States? We want to hear their story.  

Whether an accent is regional or foreign it is part of one’s cultural heritage.  Cultural heritage is important, but so is effective communication.  Finding a way to improve communication while preserving cultural heritage is the goal of accent therapy.

Click here to read an article about accents posted by the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA)


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